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Active since 15-02-2018 Job category IT - Software Development
Location Zürich Level Professional
Educational level Bachelor / Graduate Employment type Permanent contract
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We are currently looking for a Performance Engineer in Zurich, Switzerland OR in Budapest, Hungary.

The Opportunity
Work as part of our globally distributed engineering team with Product and Business Development teams to define, develop, and deliver scalable, available and performant software product increments. Become an essential member of this disciplined, cross-functional engineering group, coordinating and consulting on performance work across three continents. Focusing on the client's products, you will identify weak points and hot spots, taking into account how the products are used. You will find their scaling limits, making sure they interoperate with other products and systems in a performant way, and owning how performance is measured and monitored at every level. Help us find where our software hits the next wall and lead us to break through them.

Success in this Role
• Software performance is the whole team’s responsibility. Your job is to advise, measure and guide the efforts of your team members in designing, implementing and optimizing for performance.
• Develop and manage performance work backlogs, building test plans and identifying priorities.
• Incorporate both high-level architectural knowledge of performance factors and low-level machine hardware tuning skills to respond creatively to each challenge.
• Share lessons and experience from your projects with your colleagues to help us build performance discipline into our engineering culture.
• Be a developer: You’ll need to wrangle our APIs, think about execution paths, memory consumption, “big O”.
• Help to diagnose causes of performance degradations as part of a team. Be able to identify when we are CPU bound, memory bound, I/O bound or network bound in a complex distributed system.

Preferred Domain Knowledge
• Distributed systems - how to measure and optimize performance across a distributed system.
• Mission-critical usage - JVM tuning (GC, memory pressure), database optimization (RDBMS, NoSQL, Graph), distributed, highly available systems, high throughput systems, cloud infrastructure and virtualization layers.
• Familiarity with the tracing tools such as dapper, zipkin or similar; with monitoring systems such as New Relic, DataDog or similar and with load generating tools such as JMeter, gatling etc.

What We Are Using
• Java, Scala, and Haskell for backend development of new technology concepts
• Typescript for front-end development
• Python for glue and prototyping
• Agile/Scrum and modern software engineering practices (TDD / CI / CD etc)
• Cloud services, containers for rapid deployment

In Order to Excel
• Be a team player, but remember your job: You’ll need to be very comfortable working day-to-day as part of a product team, shipping production code while remaining accountable specifically to the Engineering Productivity group.
• Be accountable and own the outcomes; the client's software runs operations for major financial markets worldwide. It must scale. You are leading that effort.
• Understand our products completely: you'll be the expert on the enterprise capability of our platforms. You’ll be able to talk about our products at a business level too. What problems do they solve?
• Have a detailed awareness of our priorities, both as a business and at the individual product level. Develop your test plans with that firmly in mind.
• Remember your mission: Your group is responsible for creating an environment in which software performance and scalability are integral to the development process so you have to think about how to get your software engineer colleagues on board.
• Advocate for your group: Engineering Productivity is a small group of specialists shared by the entire organization. Teams will compete for your assistance. Your advocacy, professionalism, and results will make that happen. Be worth it.
• Be ‘all in’: Fix broken things. Take the load off others when they need help. Reject second best.
• Understand the cost/benefit tradeoffs being made. Articulate the risk and reward to help Engineering discover the right balance.
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Job category IT - Software Development
Industry / Industries IT
Region Switzerland
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